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Our Route in South East Asia


We flew into Thailand from Nepal, the plane was five hours late and when we arrived it was dark and very hot. We stayed at the airport that night and caught a train into Bangkok, we travelled in a goods van with wide open doors - a lovely breeze coming in. The traffic in Bangkok is really something else; it's extememly busy and very noisy. It was not a place we enjoyed cycling in. We got ourselves to an inexpensive Chinese style hotel near to the river and stayed there several nights. We used our days to sight see and to get conditioned to the heat. Especially recommeded in Bangkok are the Royal palaces, but there is plenty else to do.

We took a train out of Bangkok and headed up to Kanchanaburi - famous for the bridge over the river Kwai. Stayed in (or is it on) a delightful floating hut. From there we rode south. Early on in Thailand, because we had not yet acclimatised to the extreme afternoon heat we often set out soon after daybreak and tried to arrive at our overnight stop by lunchtime.

Our route took us through many beautiful and peaceful places, we travelled south on the east coast and at the Isthmus of Kra we took the west cost to Trang from where we caught a ferry to MalaysiaBack to Top


We set landed in Langkawi which is an island off of the west coast of Malaysia, amused ourselves there for a bit and then caught another boat to Penang Island / Georgetown.Back to Top


We rode over the bridge to Singapore and headed for some budget priced accomodation in Little India.Back to Top


We caught a smart and fast ferry to the Indonesian Iisland of Bintan, from where we had a very long journey by boat to Jakarta.Back to Top