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Our Route

One day in May 1995 we cycled away from Hemel Hempstead (which is a town in southern England, about 25 Miles or 40 Km north of London). Our stated aim was to cycle around the world. We were carrying everything we thought we needed for our journey. For us 'Around the World' was to include some countries of Europe, parts of Asia, New Zealand and the United States.

We rode our bikes when ever we could - which was for almost all of the journey. At first the added weight of our food and equipment made the journey hard but as time went by we became strong.

We returned eighteen months later having experienced 21 different countries and their cultures. Inevitably we have our favourite places that we dream of once going back to but there is nowhere we cannot recommend; everywhere we went we found people friendly and helpful.

If you too want to travel in this way and you have some doubts our advice is to do some research and planning. Good quality information helps keep all in perspective.

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