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About Us

Allie had always dreamed of travelling the world by bicycle, Ian had never had such a dream. When Allie and Ian got married they agreed that they would one day set off together on bicycles with the intention on travelling the world. To leave our home, family, friends and jobs may seem a hard thing to do; it was for us, but we knew we'd be back sooner or later.

Allie had ridden bikes with her family as she was growing up in Kent. Ian had stopped cycling in his teens but got into them later when in his 20's. We both grew to love the escape, the need for self reliance, and the rewards of exploring by bike. We were both Club cyclists; and met each other when Alison joined CTC Herts DA St.Albans & Hatfield section that Ian was aready a member of. The club organised a number of Youth Hostel based weekend trips.

Our first cycle camping tour was to Greece in 1991. We took a lightweight Saunders two person tent, a map, our bikes and an outline plan with us. We particularly enjoyed the freedom of choice that we had by not pre booking any overnight camping places. We had some adventures - especially in the mountains. We married in 1992 and for our Honeymoon we did a cycle camping tour of part of Canada (mostly BC). We gained some experience of travelling in wide open spaces, and needing to plan ahead so that we always had food, water and somewhere to camp before nightfall.

A world tour was in some ways an extension to the smaller tours we had had already done together; it was just a bit longer lasting and did require a bit more planning. We did not have an unlimited budget so had to think about where we could afford to go to and at the same time try to go to places we wanted to, and places we felt safe to cycle as a couple. Accordingly we included parts of Europe, Asia, South East Asia. We travelled to New Zealand and United States. We could not go everywhere and sadly left out many places including the Soviet Block, Africa, Middle East, Australia and South America.